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i promise you this a littles enough.

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September 18th, 2005
[ mood | good. ]

life's been good, can't complain. friday- varsity game, danced halftime, after watched the rest of the game with my boy<3. saturday- went to the mall and then laurs with the girls, then jordan & some the guys came over and we layed around and watched movies. today- went tanning and out to lunch with my mom.

next weekened, up north with the family.
homecoming soon!
love you babe <3

September 7th, 2005
forget the last entry. i've decided to still write in here. anyways, this is only the second week of school and i already hate it. whatever. last thursday was the football game. danced, and then hung out with my loves. over the weekend i went to the mall with kels and ang. love themmmmm. tomorrow i have danceteam then i will be with my bestfriend afterward. friday: another football game. out after with favs.

saturday having a carwash up at walmart with the team. ( yeah you wanna go. )

i love ang.
and thats my life k bye.

you<3 :)

August 27th, 2005
well i think im done with this; maybe i'll start writing again when school starts & stuff. <3

August 17th, 2005
[ mood | crappy ]

summers almost over already.. went by way to quick. went to crusader day tuesday with ang then after had practice, and ang came over the rest of the day. later went to codys with everyone. craaazy night ;) other then that, nothing much is new. heres the schedule.

1st, english: woonton
2nd, spanish 1: johnston
3rd, algebra 1: giglio
4th, us history: humphrey
5th, cp phsyical science: cote
6th, keyboarding: marquardt

let me know what we have.


August 10th, 2005
[ mood | gdhgh ]

well since everybodys all about the myspace now, i've decided to use both and write in here too from now on! summers almost over and schools starting in like 2 weeks. i miss everyone so much, but just the thought of going back blows. this weeks been pretty busy. slept at angs sunday, then she slept here tuesday. i love her. today we hung out all day then later we got together with krista and sammy! monday went shopping. got alot of cute shit. tomorrow have practice. and then who knows whats up the rest of the week.

<333333 :)


August 6th, 2005
well this week was pretty insane. had camp wednesday-saturday, all frekean morning, afternoon, and night from like 8-8. it was crazy. did a ton of stuff there. mainly learned a,b, and c rountines then had to perform them. it was fun at times, but the others i just wanted to go home and sleep from being so run down and sore. caught up on some resting today since we only had camp for like 5 hours. got all blue ribbons ( blue was 0-2 mistakes, red was 3-5, and white was 6-more.) so i was pretty happy about that. we got a trophy for points from all our ribbons. got 23 blue ones total so we did pretty well. tomorrow im going to angs all day, then shes sleeping here after. monday im going shopping fer clothes. tuesday and thursday have practice. and friday i'm more then likely getting my hair done. crusader days on the 15th, and then the black and gold games coming up that week too which i'll be dancing at so im pretty stoaked. thats about all for now. :]

August 2nd, 2005
scratch that last entry. it was pointless anyways. well last tuesday my grandparents came in from tennesee to visit. so i was with them seriously all week. we had a wedding saturday where i didn't know anyone. after that we went to this hall for dinner. VERY boring until people started dancing and all that. didn't leave until like 10-11. they just left this morning, i had practice, and then tomorrow were leaving for camp at oakland. so i won't be free until like, next week which sucks. have that wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday from 8-8. it'll be crazy. next week's already crusader day, and the black and gold game also i think. so thats pretty exciting too. i miss everyone so much. i need to get my hair done like soon and need to go shopping really bad. and schools in like 4 weeks. its insane. i guess this whole month is going to be crazy. well i'll probably update after camp or something. <333


July 28th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

i dont know about chall but i know about us, and uhh its the only way we know how ta rockCollapse )


July 26th, 2005
[ mood | awesome ]

alright so saturday we all slept at laurens. sunday we had to get up really early, pack the car, and then headed off to CANADA. mm, alot happened. so heres SOME of the awesome stuff that we did.

it rained at first when we got there, layed around, played nintendo. then just decided to head out to the lake. changed out of the beach in front of everyone, hah. then just swam for a few. wrote some cute, sad stuff if the sand.. aw. me and ang had a huge sandfight,she even admitted i won. went back to the house, showered, and went to the store to get a few things. AYE AYE AYE.. YAY ! yeah,we don't speak canadian. then just did whatever we do.

next day, got an early start.went to the beach around 11. tanned and swam pretty much the whooooole day. we all got some nice ass tans let me tell you. almost got hit by a deer, kels freaked. hah. got back around 3, showered and got all cute, then we all went into town. just walked around the whole time.. looked in about every shop on the strip. went out to eat. canadians think we have an accent. lauren got a HUSTLER shirt, even thought its not that kind of hustler.. hah you know. then later we went back out to swim at like 6. went way down the beach and were just being stupid. went back and played some oaklahomas. ang ran the wrong way. haaha what a wetard. talked about like everything. DENT BOY AND FINGER BOY, GRASPING THE BUTT CHEEKS, ( sorry kels hahah.. )hahhhhh dont ask. and fell asleep sometime later.

today packed our things, watched tv, and left to go home. pretty depressing. had a blasssssst, im seriously in love with those girls. got home around 3ish. unpacked everything, took a nap, showered, and watched laguna since we missed it on monday,so good so good. alright, im done.

uhh ang will probably post pictures soon, so look there whenever you get a chance. :]


July 22nd, 2005
EDIT; leaving to go up north with laur, ang, and kels sunday, be home later tuesday ! :]

click for porn....Collapse )


what will happen next,i don;t wanna know.. [Wednesday
July 20th, 2005
[ mood | great ]

i'll start from uhm, tuesday i guess. had practice only until 11 because one of our coaches wasn't there, so we didn't have our music to practice too. got dropped off, talked on the phone for a few, then went over to krista's with sammy ! we decided to go out on the jetski, and got stuck in the middle of the canal ( which happened to have gross stuff everywhere ), so we got a rope and pulled it back somehow ? pulled off SO much seewead, and then went back out again. were out there for a couple hours. i completely flew off the jetski when krista tried to donut. hah. after we went back to krista's for a while, went and got movies, then came over here and watched some scary movie ? they left around 10, and i went to sleep. today had to wake up pretty early, showered, then went to the wavepool with ang and maria all day ! met some sweet canadians / caladians . mmm, hah. always fun there. we stayed there until like 5, then i came home, took a nap, and watched a movie. tomorrow i have practice again, then i'll probably sleep the rest of the day. don't know what im doing the rest of the week. hopefully,might be going up north this weekend ! sooo excited for that if plans work. so we'll see. i'll write more later.


July 18th, 2005
uhm, well this weekend was alright i guess. friday me and ash went and got movies, so i pretty much just layed around and watched movies with my mom and sister. saturday i went to my uncle's for my cousin's party. played some intense bacci ball with the whole family. i'm actually not too bad at the game. then just hung out with the cousins, and watched some andy. haha man.. and we left around 11. sunday, i didn't do much all day. then later i went to ang's for the night<33. i left today around 6, and have nothing to do because my dad's an ass. tomorrow i have practice all morning, wonderful...and thats it.

...well, comment !

July 14th, 2005

read more....Collapse )


July 13th, 2005
monday, layed around all day i guess. then later maress and ang picked up me and ash and got slurpees, drove around for a bit, then they came back here for a few. tuesday, had practice at 9. started working on our competition routine. it's really neat. later i went up to the store with my mom, then went over to laur's with kels and ang for the night. we ordered food, then went outside and, oh man, good times. in the morning we went out on the lake with the paddleboat and went swimming. then we all got jetski ride's. uhh i love them ! tomorrow i have practice again, and then for friday i have no clue what's going on. saturday im going to my uncle's with the family i think. and.. uh thats about it. :)

July 11th, 2005
[ mood | good ]

wellll. i've been bummed from being home sick like, all week, so thats been pretty sucky. a few nights ago i went out to eat with the family. they also had some small car show where my dad won 100 dollars, so i thought it was pretty cool. then me & ash drove all the way out to algonac where my parents are 'planning' on buying a house in two years. its really big, but i don't want too move my junior year. even though i'd still go to the same school, and have a car, it's just, uhh.. oh well. then saturday i went with my mom into mt. clemens and met my dad, and their friends at the car show. we went out to eat, then just walked around, and then i made my mom take me home cause it was boring after a few hours. so ang came over for the night last night. and uhhh, you know how all that goes. i love my girrrrrrl. other then that, nothing else has been happening. i'm feeling sort of better, so maybe next week will be better. i don't really have anything to write about so, im done i guess. : )

i'd really love comments.


July 7th, 2005
[ mood | good ]

so this week's been a total waste. i've been sick since like sunday, so i've done nothing but sleeping, and sitting here. yesterday went to the doctors, and they just said i "have a touch" of a sinus whatever again. so after we had to run to cvs to get some pills ( which are super huge not to mention ), and some nose spray. then i made my mom get me a huge slurpee. i went home and watched honey cause it's like my favorite, and then i fell asleep. today i at least got out of my pajamas, and actually did my hair. layed around, pretty much on the phone with ang all day, then had a dance meeting at expressions with the team and coaches. practice starts this tuesday, and wednesday from 9-12. i wont love getting up that early, but it should be fun. they have a really neat routine they said there going to start teaching us. then in august the first week i have camp from wednesday-saturday at oakland. were not competing or sleeping there since it's so close, but oh well. then the rest of august we have practice same days and times plus thursday too. and i might be taking technique classes at there studio during the summer too every saturday, but im not sure. so i'll be doing that the rest of the summer, and then i don't know how practices will be starting during school. sorry this whole entry was about dance, but i haven't done too much these past days. :)


July 5th, 2005
season 2 of laguna beach starts back up july 25th. yes yes yes !
: )

July 2nd, 2005
tuesday, wednesday, and thursday i've been busy with tryouts. and uhh.. found out thursday night that i made it. :) soo excited, heard it's alot of fun. so yeah, thats commimg up soon and i'll have practice like everyday. but anyways! thursday night i slept at ang's. fun as always<3 friday we woke up & tanned, took showers and got ready, then went into mt. clems for the fireworks with my ladiiiies. walked around, and seen like everyone i haven't seen in forever. alot of it was gay, but the parts that were fun.. were fun let me tell you. went back to this bar where MR KANE was playing. we all danced with laurs mom... ahaha. whaoo man people down there.. lol. after went to taco bell, then got dropped off SAFELY at 12. i love them. today, i've been working on something all day for my love, then probably laying around, going to the store, getting around to cleaning my room. tomorrow is angela's birthday! since my parents are going out, i'll probably be over there or something with her. then for the 4th im going to a neighboors party. uhh.. fun. well ill write more later. love you cuties. :)

what happens down in mexico;stays in mexico. [Wednesday
June 29th, 2005

alright; so i just got back from mexico tuesday at 3 am. soo much too write about so i'll try to remember everything that happend. it was soooo gorgeous though.

monday;woke up really early. was way tired, so i got ready quick. then left to meet the rest of the family at my uncle's house. made sure we had everything, stopped to get iced capps & breakfast, then headed for the airport. we had to wait a little too board, so we sat around for a few. went through baggage checking and all those procedures. then took a 3 hour plane ride to arizona. well my uncle looses 1,000$ the second we get there. still not to sure what happend, but i felt realy bad for them. well anyways! we were there for an hour or so, so we got food, then went through more checking, and boarded for mexico. the ride was a much longer 4 hour way there. after we got at the mexican airport, we took a taxi to our hotel. got kind of sick on the way there.. those mexicans are crazy drivers. so we get to the hotel, and had to wait a while to check it. i was so whipped, so i sat on my suitcase right, and completely flip backwards. made me in a even worse mood hah. we finially got settled in, threw on our sutis, and ran to the pool behind the hotel. it was sooo nice. swam for a good 4 hours, then showered, got ready, and went out to eat. we didn't get home until late, so after we just went back to the hotel and slept. my uncle got really wasted, and fell asleep on the beach. so my dad and uncle had to go out and look for him, but he just ended up comming back at like 3, hah it was great.
tuesday;woke up around 9ish, and went swimming and layed out pretty much all of the day. israel, our waiter brough us drinks like every hour and would scream YOOHOO! SHOWTIME! hahah i loved it. mm, went out by the beach and bargained with the mexicans for a while and got a lot of sweet stuff. they are so expensive, and say they don't like us americans cause were too cheap. pshh.. i got 2 really cute huge shell neclaces, a braclet, and some other stuff. then my cousins, ashley, and i swam in the ocean for a bit. the waves got super big.. and let me tell you i've never been so sore or sandy. it was alot of fun though. then later we got ready, went out into town and walked around for a bit, got something to eat, and then layed around.
wednesday; swam, layed out, and bargained all day. ash and andrew tryed skimboading. there was no way i'd even try. the board did wash up though and knocked me down hah. painted this potery with my cousin and ashley. mine was actually pretty neat after the guy fixed it up for me. we met this kid travis who was from  cali. he was really sweet, so we hung out with him the rest of the week. umm then later went back into town to look at some shops, went out for dinner, and came back to the hotel and walked around the beach at night. the waves washed all the way up to the wall by the chairs, it was insane. got soaked, so went back in and played screw your neighbor with my cousins and sister. i found out im kick ass at that game as well :)
thursday; the guys all went deepsea fishing, so my mom, aunt, brooke, ashley, and i went into the towns mall for a while. they actually had some really cute stores, but everything was so expensive. we walked around for a few, grabbed something to eat, then went further into town to look at a few more stores. i got a corona shirt, and a tiffanys braclet. really cute. then went back, layed around by the pool, and then went out to eat with the whole family, then walked around town. had a huge headache, so came back sort of early and took medicine. then hung out with travis for a while after, walked around the beach with them. then fell asleep.
friday; swam all day. around 2 the family took a boat around the ocean, and then after we all went parasailing. me and ash were scared to death, so of course we had to go together. it was awesome though, and the view was gorgeous. then after went back to the pool for a few hours, and went further into town and went to another hotel to swim. they had like 5 pools, a hot tub, and a massage pool. it was reallly nice. then played some more cards and went to bed.
saturday; had to wake up early, got ready, then went horsebackriding along the beach with everyone. it was sooo hott out, and i was still so tired. it was really pretty though. my horse was really crabby though, so it didn't do much besides trot a few times, hah. umm then we went back to the hotel, layed out some more, then got something to eat, did another pottery, and then ran around the hotel. got to talk to my girls and a few other people on line because i HAD to go on to talk to ang:) dgdjgjdgj! then later just uhh did whatever and went to sleep.
sunday; packed all my stuff, layed around by the pool, cooled off and that whole deal. then just did whatever, watched some mexican shows, and went to bed. wasn't much of an exciting day because i was ready to leave.
monday; woke up early, made sure we had everything, then had to check out, go through the airport again, and left for phoenix. we had a 3 hour wait from there.. so we got dinner, and just layed around the airport. then from there we left for detroit. didn't get back to the airport until like 2, got our bags, said bye to everyone, then went home and slept around 3.

i missed everyone SO much.. you know who you people are ;)

& now for the pictures..

SUMMER 05'Collapse )


June 18th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

yesterday was the last day of school. man, it went by way to quick. soo excited for highschool, but i'll really miss middle school. anyways! pretty much did yearbook signing all day. soooo sad, didn't think i'd cry.. but, you know. sweet LOU came with our ESCALADE LIMO WITH SPINNERS at like 11:30. lou was a sweet ass, even if he wanted my 13&1/2 year old bestfriend :) he took a bunch of us to cvs really quick, applebees for lunch. told the people it was laur's b.day so she got a free dessert. me & ang got in trouble for being loud and dumb like always. went to dq to see THOMAS, but of course the arab's were off today, 711, around lakeside & somerset, then back to the school. talk about pimped out, it was soo awesome. went back to ang's for a few. layed around & got ready. then went to andrews with everyone. pretty much all the fellaz were there and like 7 girls. we all swam for a while, and just ran around. mikeys mom took me ang kels and laur back to kels. we got all the shit for the tent, and did whatever. laur and ang brought us some mobil, and we fell asleep sometime later. we got up early and layed around, we dropped off ang and i came back home. was supposed to go to a grad party tonight, but im toooo tired to go. tomorrow im going places with my mom and sister to get stuff for mexico and then i'm packing the rest of the day, and then sleeping since i need to get up at like 3 in the morning, crazy. whatever, i'll be tooo excited anyways! well this is probably my last entry before i leave, so leave a bunch of comments for me to come home too ;). i'll be home sometime next monday. : ) i'll miss you all tonssssss. expecially the four of you sexy bitchesss:(


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